What is Career Atlas?

Career Atlas harnesses the power of real Idaho labor data to help you understand how to navigate your skill-set toward a higher paying job with more responsibility.

Who is Career Atlas for?

Career Atlas is designed for you.

The maps will help you explore:

  • Real-life Idaho career paths
  • Idaho Wages
  • Idaho demand
  • Needed skills and certifications
While pointing you toward training resources.

Why is Career Atlas worth my time?

With the help of: Skillstack® Idaho Career & Technical Education has created a resource you cannot find anywhere else.
Career Atlas uses real Idaho labor data. This data drills down to the actual skills employees must have in a specific job, while illustrating how real people advance from one job to the next.
So, now you can easily see that some welders make the unexpected career move to being machinists, and discover what skills are needed to make that change.
You can see, at the skill level, what career paths people take in Idaho, which will help you plot your own real-life version.

How do I use Career Atlas?

Each Map is a group of jobs that together form pathways towards greater skill, responsibility, and earnings.
Each globe contains information regarding that job including Idaho demand, wages, job descriptions, necessary skills, and useful SkillStack badges.
The tracks that connect globes reveal the movement real people have made from job-to-job as they have advanced in their careers.
Along the way you will notice symbols like this Computer Skills Icon:
Computer Intensive

Click on the key on any map: (picture of key) To find out what they mean.

Take me to the Career Atlas Maps!

You’re ready to explore some of the most in demand career pathways in Idaho.

Having trouble finding your way?
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